People often ask us whether they need therapy or an assessment. As part of therapy, you or your child will be “assessed” for a diagnosis to help give a direction for ongoing therapy; you and/or your child will then meet regularly with a therapist. However, if you are seeking services or accommodations (for example, through social security, for a Katie Beckett waver, or to obtain school accommodations through an IEP or 504 Plan), a formal assessment with a psychologist is needed to document a “medical” diagnosis. 

Assessment Services

We offer personalized, comprehensive assessments in the following areas for children and teens:
* Gifted and Talented
* Learning Disability (1st grade through college level)
* Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
* Autism Spectrum Disorder/Developmental Delay (as young as 15 months old)
* Intellectual Functioning
* Depression and Anxiety only if needed for school documentation
* We do not currently have anyone at our office who can assess Bipolar Disorder
* Although we do not offer formal adult autism testing or diagnosis, we can do a autism consultation for adults interested in resources for self-help

For all grade-level assessments, we conduct differential diagnosis and offer written recommendations about school placement and accommodations as well as ways to work with your child or teen at home to maximize his or her success.

Assessments typically consist of (1) an intake appointment, during which we will decide what testing is needed and agree on a price, (2) a testing session, and (3) a feedback session. Depending on your needs, testing can be divided into multiple sessions.

Therapy Services

We use primarily evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adults, which is problem focused and goal directed. Treatment type and duration will be individualized to meet the needs each client.

We offer treatment for individuals (all ages), couples, and families for a range of presenting issues including, but not limited to:
* disruptive behavior disorders
* Autism Spectrum Disorder
* noncompliance & tantrums
* anxiety, fears, and phobias
* depression
* interpersonal/relationship problems
* adjustment issues
* transition to college
* issues related to self-esteem
* gender/sexual identity
* trauma

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for children ages 4 to 7 with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. PCIT is regarded by national expert panels as a gold standard treatment for children who have any of the following challenges:

* Frequent temper tantrums

* Defiance - refusing to follow directions

* Verbal and/or physical aggression

* Destruction of toys and/or family belongings

* Backtalking or sassing adults

* Whining or crying for no apparent reason

* Constantly seeking attention

* Hyperactivity

* Interrupting others

* Short attention span

* Difficulty with behaviors at school, preschool, and/or daycare

Ongoing Programs

We partner with Excelsior Foundation for Family Wellness, Inc. for our groups, which means tuition is always tax deductible! The most current information on our social skills and parenting support groups can always be found at

SOCIAL GROUPS. We currently offer theme-based social groups for ages 4 to 17 based on how may families are interested. Please give us a call for current information if you are interested 🙂

PARENTING GROUPS. We regularly offer parenting skills and support groups using the 1-2-3 Magic program, an evidenced-based parenting program developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan. These groups offer a variety of benefits to parents who are struggling with or looking for an effective disciplinary method.

SCHOOL ADVOCACY. We offer IEP/504 coordination and advocacy for parents who are unfamiliar with the special education system and their rights. Individualized consultation and group psychoeducational seminars are available by request.